Orange Park Pavers was open in January of 2016. Neil and his wife Miranda moved to florida to be closer to family. Living in Kentucky for all their lives wanted to make a change, after taking care of their two terminally ill children for 8 years. They lost their daughter in 2010 and their son in Nov. 2015. After this devastating loss they decided to hit the reset button ,and start over. Neil owned Paver Works in KY for 11 years. Before that, he worked for a company where he started when he turned 18. Never giving up, keeping faith in God, and continuing to work hard. They came to Florida and Neil went straight to work building relationships with businesses, homeowners, and other contractors. In Oct. 2016 O.P. Pavers had a booth at the home and patio show. It was a success. The show generated 53 leads that turned into 22 projects completed with satisfied customers. 2017 was filled with returning clients, lots of referrals and 26 completed projects. We work with local companies like Tremron, Old Castle, and United Brothers. Tremron has beautiful products and stand behind them with a 25 year warranty. They started the company over two decades ago.

Custom Quality Work You Can Count On!


 Orange Pak Pavers is a landscape and hardscape installation company. We give free estimates where we meet on site. Most of the time we can give a solid price that day. If a drawing is requested we are prompt at getting back with you with in a day or two. Our prices are competitive with local companies, when compared apple to apple. There is no comparison to the quality of work you get with Orange Park Pavers. We take pride in our work. We do not cut corners, we take our time and do the job RIGHT. When installing pavers, we compact several times. What this does is it eliminates settling. Over time without the proper compaction pavers will start to settle in areas. Though this is an easy fix, it can be avoided. We use "paver fines" for patios and walkways "crush crete" for driveways and small retaining walls. After, compacting and grading the base material several times, we lay the pavers. Overlaying them six inches gives us the room to make our cut. Marking out the cut with a pencil we use a concrete saw and discard the cut piece. The border is then put in its place and cut as needed to make curves and angles. Cement is mixed with base material to make concrete. We place this along all edges of pavers to keep everything in its place. 

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